What is the default administrator password?


Solution 1

The correct password is Evaluation1. Just look in the readme file

Solution 2

You haven't put any work into modifying the system, so just start over. You'll probably spend more time trying to find a password solution than just reinstalling the OS.

As an aside, I suggest making a copy of your virtual disk after a fresh working install, so you don't have to actually install if you do want a fresh machine.

Solution 3

Free password recovery tools:

  1. Windows Password recovery - Can retrieve forgotten admin and users' passwords in minutes. Safest possible option, does not write anything to hard drive.

  2. Petter Nordahl-Hagen's Offline NT Password & Registry Editor - A great boot CD/Floppy that can reset the local administrator's password. See the FAQ for more info.

  3. Openwall's John the Ripper - Good boot floppy with cracking capabilities.

  4. EBCD – Emergency Boot CD - Bootable CD, intended for system recovery in the case of software or hardware faults.

But as others have said, you have nothing invested in this install -- easier to just blow it away and start over.

Solution 4

During the Windows Server 2003 installation process you are required to enter an Administrator password. If the installation was interrupted part way through, I suggest that you just re-install it.

Solution 5

you could always use ERDCommander from Microsoft to 'reset' the administrator password, it is a free program and works great.

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Updated on June 23, 2022


  • Jason Baker
    Jason Baker less than a minute

    Sorry if this is an overly simplistic question, but I'm a bit stuck here.

    I need a Windows machine for me to do some programming for class. Since I have my Macbook with me everywhere I go, I figured that it would be easiest to install a VM. Since I can get a copy of Windows Server 2k3 for free via dreamspark, I thought I'd try to do that.

    Here's what happened though: I installed Windows Server (disk one). When the system booted up, VMware automatically installed VMWare tools and prompted me to restart. There was also a prompt to start the installation of disc 2, but I figured it would be better to restart before doing that.

    When the machine came back up, I was prompted to log in as the administrator. The problem is that I wasn't prompted to make an administrator account or password. Is there a default password I can use? I've tried all the obvious ones (blank, password, etc) and Googling, but I didn't come up with anything.

    • Powerlord
      Powerlord over 13 years
      This is old now, but since it was just bumped... Dreamspark now has Server 2008.
  • BCS
    BCS almost 14 years
    I've been playing with MS's VirtualPC and they have a "difference virtual HDD" thing that lets you leave the old VHDD alone and only store what you change. It would be smaller than a full copy.
  • Gulzar
    Gulzar almost 14 years
    can you pls provide a link?
  • Admin
    Admin over 13 years
  • Admin
    Admin almost 12 years
    Evaluation1 worked for me in setting up the Win2k3 image I grabbed from vmware. Thanks.