Restoring Windows 7 without Disks - What should I Know?


If you just lost the admin password and you have no "normal" way of recovering it I'd suggest to use Hiren's BootCD

The website has all the tutorials needed to remove the admin pass.

  1. First prepare a bootable USB.
  2. Copy Hiren's files on USB.
  3. Follow the steps in tutorial - it's all nice and clear.
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Updated on June 29, 2022


  • Admin
    Admin less than a minute

    My brother built a computer from the ground up last year and installed Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit onto it. The problem is that it needs to be restored to factory settings now - reason being that my other brother wants to install a new game and cannot remember what the admin password is!

    This is further exacerbated by the fact that when a disc is inserted into the computer (depending on the program to run, e.g. setup.exe) it asks for the admin password thereby negating the option of using the disks.

    I have read that to do this one should press the correct keys on the keyboard before the Windows 7 image pops up. So the question really is what are the correct keys? I know they depend on the manufacturer but of what? The motherboard, CPU or even the hard drive?

    And after that what screen would be presented? (A screenshot would be good to demonstrate this)

    Any resources that can completely explain this would be helpful.


    • Harry Johnston
      Harry Johnston almost 10 years
      It depends on the BIOS, which depends on the motherboard type. Once you are able to boot from DVD, by the way, you can simply reset the password rather than reinstalling Windows altogether:…
    • easwee
      easwee about 9 years
      If it is only the admin pass you don't remember I once came accross a method that will enable you to remove all passwords from all win accounts including main admin password using usb with linux installation - if I find the name of the program I'll post in answer - it works 100% since I used it to delete my admin passwords.