Is it safe to remove /usr/share/locale if 'locales' package is removed


I just removed the directory on a test-box here(tm), and didn't notice any issues. Reinstalling locales will re-create the directory.


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Updated on June 20, 2022


  • hyperknot
    hyperknot less than a minute

    I'm trying to make a minimalistic Debian install for a low-mem VPS box. I'll be uninstalling the locales package, as there is no need for any kind of locale support for my purposes (only a few server programs, English only is perfectly enough).

    My question is that is it safe to remove the all the leftover file from /usr/share/locale after removing the locales package?

    Or are those files required for anything else?

    I know that there are a few temporary perl ... LC_ALL missing kind of errors after removing the locales package, but it is normal and is fixed after the first reboot. My question about that if there is no locales package, is there any point in keeping the files?