How do I get ubuntu to reconfigure /etc/network/interfaces for me?


Solution 1

Try run below command

dpkg-reconfigure ifupdown


However, you are probably running into an issue with udev. If you have rebooted, and eth0 disappeared:

ifconfig -a

you can mv/rm the file in /etc/udev/rules.d/70-persistent-net.rules and reboot, and your primary ethernet card should become eth0 again.

This would happen if you switched motherboards/network cards.

Solution 2

/etc/network/interfaces is generated by the actual installer, not any of the packages on your system:

opus:~ broder$ dpkg -S /etc/network/interfaces
dpkg: /etc/network/interfaces not found.

Because it's not managed by any particular package, no package is going to modify the file.

If you want to add new interfaces to /etc/network/interfaces, you have to do that manually. Alternatively, if you want your network interfaces to be managed automatically by your system, I believe the official answer at this point is to use NetworkManager. NetworkManager will handle configuration for any network interface that's not listed in /etc/network/interfaces.


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Updated on June 01, 2020


  • Sionide21
    Sionide21 about 2 years

    How do I get Ubuntu to figure out the interfaces available on my computer and generate a new /etc/network/interfaces file? It created it the first time so I know it can somehow.

    Is there something like dpkg-reconfigure <what?> that would just recheck for me?