Batch edit (not rename) file properties in windows


Try Bulk Rename Utility, it can edit properties and attributes. It's freeware.


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Updated on June 16, 2022


  • Jay
    Jay less than a minute

    I have a large directory of downloaded shareware. I keep track of what i have by individually editing the properties of each program. However, some of the programs are multipart .rar types. And i have at least a few hundred programs so far.

    I am looking for a utility that will let me batch edit file properties such as Title, Author, Summary, and Comments, so I don't have to edit each file or file part individually. Windows doesn't let me do this in Explorer. Powerdesk has a proprietary system, but it isn't preserved when moving or copying files. Any Suggestions?

  • Felix
    Felix over 8 years
    How do you edit properties using Bulk Rename Utility? I can only figure out how to rename files.